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Zane X Reader | Fight The Darkness (Part 1/2)
She knew he was evil.
She knew he wasn't right in the mind.
She knew he was powerful.
But she decided to stay by his side. She wanted to help him, not with his evil doings, but to help him become good.
She always saw a tiny light in him.
Though she didn't want to bring it up to him.
Now was the time.
It was their 2nd anniversary.
It was her time to tell him, that he needs to take a step back and look at what he's done.
To change what his outlook on everything.
They sat a bench in a private park.
"Zane, I need to talk to you about your...behavior." (Name) exhaled and inhaled.
"My behavior? Nothing is wrong with me, (Name)." Zane stated.
"...Zane...I want you to be happy. I don't want you to be in misery or any typ-"
"I'm happy the way I am."
"No you aren't."
"How would you know?"
"Because I know you! You don't really want to fight your brother do you? Do you want to kill innocent people? Think about it. I don't want you to be like that. So, please. Don't do this anymore..." (Name) lower
:iconxxslyimmortalxx:xXSlyImmortalXx 49 18
Zane x Reader - Zane's Lover
There was once a little boy with black hair and blues eyes who sat out in the garden. There was one this little girl named Y/N who sat next to him with a bright smile. "Hi Zane!" She greeted. He nodded in response, his eyes too focused on the book he was reading. "What are you reading there??" You asked him. 
"A book..."
"What kind of book?"
"A book."
You peered over his shoulder and saw that he wasn't reading any book. It was just a sheet of paper. Huh, smart.. 
With a grin, you quickly reached over and snatched it, looking at it. "Gah! Give it back!" He demanded. "I can't believe I'm friends with you.. You stupid girl!" 
Your eyes widened as you looked up at him, not hurt by his words, he always says things like that to you, but of what he was reading. "Z-Zane! What is this?" You asked. He rolled his eyes, annoyed. Snatching back his paper he said, "What does it look like?" 
"A plan?... To.. Overpower everyone? What?" 
Zane smirked at your confusion. "Well...
:iconsup3rcooki3ninja:Sup3rCooki3Ninja 26 2
Zane x Reader (MCD)
(Y/N)'s P.O.V
"I'll kill you," he says with literally no emotion.
"Heh. Well. How," I reply. I'm not going to use my powers to destroy towns and cities. It's the fifth day I've been held in captivity. I think he's tired of me refusing.
I see a knife being thrown at me and I close me eyes. I open them when I don't feel any pain at all. The knife is floating in front of my face with a (f/c) aura around it. I must've used my magic without noticing. I then grab the knife and (gently) place it on the ground. "I didn't actually think you'd actually try to kill me," I tell him. "Why?" he asks. "I can tell you have some good in you," I say. He makes no noise for almost ten minutes and then he finally speaks up. "Who knows if that's true," he says in a quiet voice. "What's  your name?" I ask. He never told me his name. "Zane," he says. "In case you didn't know, my name's (Y/N)," I say. He leaves after my statement.
Zane's P.O.V
(Y/N) is different from everyone else. They caved i
:icongeekyawkwardfangirl:GeekyAwkwardFangirl 9 1
Uselessness- Zane x Reader MCD Fanfiction
Your Name = Y/N
Your Lastname = Y/LN
Nickname= Y/NN  
    Y/N was nothing special.
    You were simply the orphan girl who stumbled into Phoenix Drop one day and was soon adopted by the Lord of the village many years ago. After he died, you felt heart-broken, a lone young girl soon to be eighteen years old, when a woman with long black hair and the gentlest amber eyes strode into the village and became the new lord and your new mother.
    Even after everything that you went through, Y/N still felt different from everyone else. As if you didn’t belong anywhere. Sure, you were good at healing small wounds and taking care of the animals along with Kiki, but you never found a significant something in your life. Life was dull, even for the adopted daughter of a busy lord.
    That is, until Y/N secretly followed Aphmau, Laurance, and the others when they confronted the man who was threatening the village a few da
:iconmusicmage209:MusicMage209 56 37
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